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What is Shamanism?

 Sjamanisme is het oudste wereldbeeld op aarde. De eerste methode om verbinding te maken met de geesten en het godelijke. Shamanisme is een oeroude wijsheid die toegang geeft tot de heilige krachten, zonder boeken of profeten. De shamanen zelf zijn profeten van hun realiteit.
Shamanen staan in de eerste plaats in dienst van een/hun gemeenschap. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling dragen zij ook hoog in het vaandel. Van uit deze zelf exploratie gaan zij ook hun realiteit delen.

What is the job of the Shaman 

For the sake of simplicity we use the term shaman, it is also meant shamaness. The term should be used here gender-neutral.

The shaman is a healer, a mediator and a magician. That is, he cares for the healing of man on all levels of being. He mediates to the world of spirits and brings information to the world of the living. The shaman is also a magician who can influence reality, but cooperation with the spirits is crucial. The free will of man plays a central role. Of course, the shaman is also a therapist, he can be a storyteller, an astrologer, an artist and musician, but the basic principles behind it are always those mentioned above. He is a magician, mediator and healer.

History of the shaman 

Shamanism has developed on all continents In the archaic prehistoric times. We find similar practices in America, Europe, Australia, Africa, throughout Asia. But the practices and the different directions differ, sometimes greatly.
The term shamanism was created by cultural anthropologists not so long ago and all such practices in the world were thrown into one pigeonhole.

When we speak of shamanism, we refer to the classical direction from the Siberian heartland. There where the word "Saman" originally comes from and the practices exist partly unchanged and uninfluenced by modern religions.

The Spirit of Wolf tradition originally comes from Khakassia/Siberia. The Tuvinian tradition is also a significant influence. It is said that the tradition is several thousand years old, but it has always adapted to the circumstances, so it is still alive and spreading again. 

There was a time when shamans were politically persecuted, also for religious reasons. During this time, the flame was kept underground and passed on in secret. After the era of shaman persecution was over, shamanism could come to the surface again and the shamans could work more or less unhindered.

The tradition of the wolves is largely uninfluenced by ideologies, that is, there is a direct connection with the sacred forces of nature and the cosmos. This connection can be established through the methodology anywhere in the world. Everyone connects with their own roots in their own country.

In Europe, a shamanic tradition line has been torn off, but there are many prehistoric cult sites where one can see traces of the ancient shamanic peoples. For example in Val Camonica, Italy. The Valley of the Gods where you can see 250,000 petroglyphs, some of which are very similar to the shamanic petroglyphs in Siberia. Even the ritual clothing found is very similar to that of the Siberian shamans. One can assume that the practices are very related, or even one and the same.

Similarly, the practices of the Nordic tradition have many similarities with the wolf tradition. So we are talking about a Eurasian tradition that has always evolved and continues to evolve until today. The task of the shamans in the Western countries is to re-establish the connection with the primeval ancestors with the practices of the living tradition and to establish a new lineage of shamans. This is already underway and the tradition is already passing to the next generations.

Psychoactive substances 

One particular difference from other traditions is that we do not take psychoactive substances, as we do not need them. Instead, we use the concept of "alter ego" and shamanic attributes with drumming and chanting.

In the Spirit of Wolf tradition, practitioners who needed substances to go into trance were considered weak. They were often banned from the shamanic community.

Nowadays we see this a bit more leaniant, anyone can use these things if they have the expertise, but completely separate from the Spirit of Wolf practices. 

Purity of the tradition 

The purity of the tradition is very important to us, no elements of other directions should be mixed into the rituals. A double tradition is possible, but one can easily get lost and confused. This can lead to massive psychological disorders. So in the beginning one should put his focus on one tradition.

In addition, inner conflicts can arise because there can be an egregor struggle between 2 directions. Egregor is something like a group spirit. Of course, you also progress much faster if you focus on one following.

Text Morsuk Kam

White bear Shaman-Ak Adyg Kam

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Anthony is one of the most enlightened shamans I’ve ever met. He perfectly combines an outstanding spiritual wisdom with a down-to-earth attitude, making him a well-rounded spiritual healer and a very kind soul.
Every time I’ve asked for Anthony’s help he’s been very professional, accurate, efficient, and trustworthy. He can relate to your problem and reel in good advice and healing energies from his spirit guides, that have always helped me in any issues I’ve had in my life. I 100% recommend his services to anyone who may be in need.



Shamanic healing, distance

Thank you for bringing back the peace in my house and self!
Het verschil is duidelijk merkbaar dat de atmosfeer weer rijn is.



Heling en huisreiniging

een traumatische breuk had mijn hart op slot gezet. White Bear gaf me de sleutel om het terug te openen. Sindsdien stroomt mijn energie weer vrij en zijn er al prachtige dingen gebeurd



Shamanic healing, in persoon

Anthony is an an amazingly powerful healer with the ability to see into the shadows of a person’s soul. He is able to remove difficult spirit intrusions, hooks, cords and curses and restore your power so that you feel strong, happy, healthy and whole.



Shamanic healing, USA

Sjamanisme is het oudste wereldbeeld op aarde. De oudste methode om verbinding te maken met de geesten en goden. Shamanisme is een oeroude wijsheid die direct toegang geeft tot de heilige krachten, zonder boeken of profeten. De shamanen zelf zijn profeten van hun realiteit.
Shamanen staan in de eerste plaats in dienst van een/hun gemeenschap. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling dragen zij ook hoog in het vaandel. Van hier uit zelf exploratie gaan zij ook hun realiteit delen.