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"The light in the darkest depths of the soul"

This is the balance that shamanism has brought me and i hope to bring back for those who I work together with. This with techniques from traditional shamanism, reiki, human design and tea 


a centuries old safe healing method. This on the soul level whilst working together with mother earth, the elments, helping spirits and spirit guides from both me and you. This as a shaman in the traditional line of Spirit of WolfIt's origins in Khakassia (Siberia). Together we'll be working to find a solution of blockades, curses, entities, poltergeists, disbalances,... 

Fire rituals or Kamlanie. These rituals are used for many reasons. Private and publicly. The public rituals are held around key celebrations around the year and new and full moon. These can be found on instagram and on the Calendar.


Reiki is a holistic and alternative way of healing, one who stimulates the self healing properties of the body. Universal energy will be transferred with lay on hands Reiki techniques. In which we boost the self healing properties of the body 

Shamanism in our understanding is the oldest worldview on earth. The first methodology to connect with the spirits and gods. Shamanism is a wild wisdom that always gives direct access to the sacred forces, without books or prophets. 

With methods from Traditional Shamanism we're going to clean the house energetically and recharge it with good energies by blessing the rooms one by one. 


White bear Shaman - Ak Adyg Kam

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Anthony is one of the most enlightened shamans I’ve ever met. He perfectly combines an outstanding spiritual wisdom with a down-to-earth attitude, making him a well-rounded spiritual healer and a very kind soul.
Every time I’ve asked for Anthony’s help he’s been very professional, accurate, efficient, and trustworthy. He can relate to your problem and reel in good advice and healing energies from his spirit guides, that have always helped me in any issues I’ve had in my life. I 100% recommend his services to anyone who may be in need.



Shamanic healing, distance

Thank you for bringing back the peace in my house and self!
Het verschil is duidelijk merkbaar dat de atmosfeer weer rijn is.



Heling en huisreiniging

een traumatische breuk had mijn hart op slot gezet. White Bear gaf me de sleutel om het terug te openen. Sindsdien stroomt mijn energie weer vrij en zijn er al prachtige dingen gebeurd



Shamanic healing, in persoon

Anthony is an an amazingly powerful healer with the ability to see into the shadows of a person’s soul. He is able to remove difficult spirit intrusions, hooks, cords and curses and restore your power so that you feel strong, happy, healthy and whole.



Shamanic healing, USA